Novemeber 15 2019



Concerning vaccination, the future of nano-technology presents a terrifying ‘genomecidal’ potential. Recent studies now showing that many vaccines contain nano-toxicity(non-biocompatible / non-biodegradable matter) that re-sequences genome. Working as nanoscopic shrapnel; wrecking havoc on our DNA protein structure.


Some years back I remember researching *Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s nano-technological initiatives in horror. Now we are seeing their faux-justification of pursuit explained with ‘medical’ motive. Nanobots now being very real and something we should all be aware of, as it would seem as though there is another nanocosmic tier of scientific research that is now coming into play.


The notion that the proletariat would be getting wind of such technology, suggests to anyone with experience, that the Pentagon / *DARPA and other organizations with high level security clearance, have had access to this technology for years, even decades: which presents a question as to why we would be seeing metallic nano particulate matter in vaccine compounds. A specific process of amalgamation must transpire to include these particles within any given prepared compound, so these nano-particles are not there randomly: suggesting  a rational conclusion that they are purposefully included within vaccines, despite not being labeled within product information, even within the product insert(which btw. creates a possible commercial legal infringement).


The futuristic concept that nano particles could be programmed and mobilized with ‘medical’ directive is now here. After seeing the horrendous corruption of organizations such as the CDC, WHO, and the FDA: assuming that technology of this nature would be wielded by moral, responsible scientists and ethical, meticulous medical practitioners would be beyond naive.


Upon corroboration of Corvelva studies, MIT Senior Research Scientist Stephanie Seneff contributes:


“Both the nanoparticles (with toxic metals) and the human DNA are cause for great alarm.”


Genetic manipulation is one of the most threatening Frankenscience monsters of our modern age. Reckless scientists, drunk on the pursuit of funding, accolade or greed, abandon their sense of responsibility when intoxicated by the notion that their newly opened Pandora’s box of nano-technology could further their scientific status; conveniently ignoring the devastating potential of nano-technology relating to our genome, and the morally questionable notion of biological engineering / trans-humanist scientist's Russian roulette of  DNA degradation, mutilation or  'augmentation'.


The nano-toxins found within many 'top' brand vaccines were mainly metals such as Strontium, Zirconium, Tungsten etc.


Excerpt from: New Quality-Control Investigations on Vaccines: Micro- and Nanocontamination:


Some metallic particles made of Tungsten or stainless steel were also identified. Other particles containing Zirconium, Hafnium, Strontium and Aluminum (Vivotif, Meningetec); Tungsten, Nickel, Iron (Priorix, Meningetec); Antimony (Menjugate kit); Chromium (Meningetec); Gold or Gold, Zinc (Infarix Hexa, Repevax), or Platinum, Silver, Bismuth, Iron, Chromium (MMRvaxPro) or Lead,Bismuth (Gardasil) or Cerium (Agrippal S1) were also found. The only Tungsten appears in 8/44 vaccines, while Chromium (alone or in alloy with Iron and Nickel) in 25/44. The investigations revealed that some particles are embedded in a biological substrate, probably proteins, endo-toxins and residues of bacteria. As soon as a particle comes in contact with proteic fluids, a nano-bio-interaction [6] occurs and a “protein corona” is formed [7-10]. The nano-bio-interaction generates a biggersized compound that is not biodegradable and can induce adverse effects, since it is not recognized as self by the body. Source



With the pharmaceutical corporations lobbying (France and some USA states successfully implementing) the mandating of vaccination, we are now seeing the breach of moral code in medicine; the woeful corruption of medical procedure. In desecration of Hippocratic oath, and utter contempt for constitutional sovereignty, dirty doctors, corrupt legislators and quasi-institutions have made a mockery of medical and scientific integrity. The dangers of nano-toxicity within vaccines could dwarf the more palpable dangers of known toxic substances such as Thimerosal and aluminum in many vaccines, as to our general knowledge, this technology is still in it’s embryonic stages of development. The potential for unforeseen catastrophe is far greater than with neuro-toxins and contaminants of which we have reductionist knowledge and experience in observation.


Upon investigation and corroboration of these studies, there is only one rational, moral conclusion, and that is to categorically ban vaccines, at least until such studies(including extensive observation of ALL synergetic or antagonistic internal sub-microscopic, molecular, cellular and compound reaction) have drawn benign conclusion: which could feasibly take decades to deduce, as  multi-generational  testing of genetic safety would be necessary to make accurate deduction and assessment. Any other conclusion would rely on a perversion of initiative from either socio-politically or fiscally motivated ‘rationale’ in absolute neglect, or dismissal of legitimate scientific concerns regarding public health and safety.




Vaccination and the apocolyptic potential of Nano-technological Biological Engineering.

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