An Irrefutable Truth:

Addressing the causation of mankind's adversities as a race, not squabbling about symptoms as factions - First Step – No Credit / debit Card Week?

An irrefutable truth could be revealed someday as to the ultimate power that transcends government. A power that is now known to many but veiled by slogans such as 'deep state', 'shadow government', 'them', 'they', 'the hidden hand', among many other appropriate descriptions. Much research by great scholars is now available as to who they are, despite a consistent narrative that would suggest that even the very elite of the elite answer to an 'unspeakable' hidden power.


The Hegelian partisan dialectic is now commonly known as a farce. A fiasco to placate the proletariat. With consolidated media corporations, and voter fraud rendering the notion of democracy woefully ineffective, in terms of what the word means; in actuality, serving only as a method of mass social control that essentially exhausts and absorbs dissent. Demonstrated with astounding insight by an episode of 60's British TV series The Prisoner, entitled 'Free For All'.


From the Rockafella's infamous Creel Committee, to the CIA's relentless meddling of consensus, by means of flagrant 'wag the dog' propaganda, it would be safe to say that very few are remotely informed without painstaking research, and laborious cross examination of what is published from day to day as 'fact'. Now those of us that are intellectually inclined must be able to discern truth from a collage of spurious information on the web. With social media corporations perniciously censoring, or subversively 'shadow banning' reports that are not congenial to their collectivist ideology or political agenda. William Peppers work regarding the Martin Luther King trial is a great example of a story that should have been front page news, taught in academia, known by all, but was not within the collectivist narrative of it's day, so tragically, it was purposefully obscured. Just hearing CIA whistle blower Kevin Shipp's latest disclosure, about the current state of politico in USA adds further more credibility to the idea that a new incorruptible, invulnerable socio-political ideology is now absolutely necessary in order to restore, and secure any semblance of sovereignty in our modern world of disparity and deceitful manipulation: at the hands of extra-governmental institutions, banking dynasties and globalist plutocrats of varying title.


Opulent banker Nathan Rothschild is infamous for declaring his control of the British Empire despite "what puppet is placed upon the throne". Suggesting that whomever is the unfortunate implementor / scapegoat, whether titled as king, queen, president, or prime-minister must adhere to the whim of those that issue their nations currency.  Failing to comply with the banking elite's globalist, fractional reserve agenda could result in a retaliatory financial collapse that would, essentially be blamed on who ever is "placed upon the throne". Thus, to an alarming degree, the ruling elite dynasties that issue and manipulate currency, hold a higher office than the White House, or Downing Street. American president, Andrew Jackson's last statement being one of patriotic satisfaction, declaring that he killed the banks: banishing the Rothschilds, and securing the fiscal sovereignty of the United States: it was no slight feat. Putin, in 2016 banishing the Rothschilds from Russia, has withstood unprecedented incindiary assault in the west's collectivist media since. Any third world nation that rejects the Rothschild's fractional reserve system is usually reduced to rubble, with their audacious leader meeting the fate of Gaddafi.


The military industrial complex applying the fiscal carrot and stick to 'leaders' is widely reported on, bolstering the economy of most western nation states: answering the question as to how a ‘president’ could spend 3 trillion dollars on nuclear arms ‘upgrades’, after receiving a Nobel peace prize for disarmament. Now we also have the new power of technocratic surveillance, with the NSA's gargantuan facility in Utah, accumulating deeply personal information on us all, including those in 'office', presenting a silent hand of potential blackmail to those seen as our leaders; so what degree of actual autonomy do public figures known as leaders really have in our modern age? And we are still surprised when an elected leader does not fulfill his or her campaign promises?


When are we going to stop investing credibility in our archaic political paradigm? What is it going to take? We are mostly kept within constant sight of our own potential financial demise, in a state of imposed scarcity that is completely unnecessary. Enduring atrocities that are now threatening our very sovereignty of thought. Many of us have accepted the few hours of personal autonomy we are granted each day as 'the norm'. With the state becoming increasingly invasive into our domestic lives–how we raise our children, enforced conformity by means of state licensed and sponsored institution. How many generations will it take for us to forget the notion, or experiential understanding of privacy and freedom? We are inundated with symptomatic tragedies to address. When are we going to address the causation of our many adversities? I would say when we refuse to comply with the two party system that pacifies us, when we stop bickering amongst ourselves about symptomatic issues that bare inconsequential relevance in the long term scale of sociological functionality, giving our power to those that would divide us, unscrupulously taking advantage of our humanity?


An intellectual revolution is now necessary. Civil disobedience in form of lawful rebellion is a way to use the powers of malignant bureaucracy against themselves, by means of us all becoming aware of the latent means of common law, to disengage with the unconstitutional, and mostly unlawful statutes that keep us bound to 'their' system. By making 'their' system our own in aspiration to transmute that system into one that serves a higher moral ground. An example is the fact that the 16th Amendment of USA Constitution was never ratified, so to pay income tax in USA is illegal in terms of constitutional law, however, we have been conditioned into believing and accepting that is a given. Many have been most diligent in bureaucratic application and have circumvented the statutes that recommend these unlawful parasitic taxations. A less threatening example is parking meters. In Britain, throughout the second world war, the British populous were brought to accept parking meters as a way to supplement the war effort. After the war, they were told that these parking meters were supplementing the reconstruction of urban infrastructure. by the time that the cities were restored, most of the populous had grown to accept this petty form of taxation as 'the norm' and stopped even questioning why they were there at all. Now we have a system that is draconian, clamping and towing away vehicles for parking in a space; arbitrarily and opportunistically restricted that presents absolutely no obstruction to anyone. Yet with no constitutional law that prohibits the freedom of transportation, statutes have been enforced with virtually no public objection? We just seem to accept tyranny. Why?


When Britain introduced the Poll Tax, issuing a legislation enforcing an exorbitant fee in order to participate in Britain's democratic process, there were riots, protestation in outrage. The government then realized that they had pushed the public too far too soon, so they withdrew the legislation, appeasing the masses, only to issue an equally Machiavellian taxation called the Council Tax. By which time everyone was so exhausted by protesting the Poll Tax, that most begrudgingly accepted the taxation. Sadly British folks are still accepting this taxation as 'the norm' with the next generation being conditioned into this acceptance applying virtually no critical thought to it whatsoever. So this is how these parasitic statutes remain uncontested. By means of bureaucratic attrition, a slow gradual application of statute enforcement that eventually becomes 'the norm', with a political system that slowly absorbs any impulse toward dissent or insurgency.


Within common law, upon registering a child to procure a social security number and birth certificate, we grant the state rights to our children as their chattel property. Bonds are then created that allow the state to borrow on that child's potential future tax earnings. Unwittingly we sign away our parental sovereignty to the state. Yet is it just accepted as 'the norm' with the few that even learn about it, concluding in indolent justification that disobedience would create complications for our children in their adult life. As well as the fear of custodial complications when dealing with state institutions as parents. The chances are that these complications would transpire, at first, for those courageous and tenacious enough to pave the way of parental liberty. Yet if every parent maintained their sovereign rights under constitutional law, the state would have serious difficulty enforcing these 'complications' and as a people, we would no longer consider the notion of our children being the state's chattel property as acceptable. Sadly, so few parents have a moment in the day to even consider such a form of rebellion, as our socio-economic dynamic keeps us perpetually intellectually depleted and exhausted, through imposed scarcity and the constant societal suggestion that our financial slavery is 'the norm'. The act of procreation should need no license. Why should we agree to the state giving us permission to bear and raise children? There is no reason, other than us subscribing our own conditioning that it's 'what's done'.


The USA constitution was constructed in abandonment of monarchical legislation, issuing that power to the people. Yet, most Americans abide to a plethora of statutes, most of which are unconstitutional and unlawful. If the peoples of that land were to learn of their ingenuous disregard for common law, subsequently applying due diligence to redress, the state would become minimized, with the USA resembling what the founding fathers of that nation intended it to be: a republic, a free nation, with no acceptance of monarchical or oligarchical tyranny. If we were all intimately aware of common law, constitutional functionality, learning of the ways of bureaucratic rebellion as a rudimentary staple in our intellectual arsenal, these statues would be seen for what they are; for the most part: unlawful tyranny. Since the Act of 1871, The United States was made a corporation: US Inc. (A FACT that all peoples of that land must be aware of)


As we now know that a few plutocratic banking dynasties are, for the most part ruling from the shadows, ushering us toward a cashless technocratic collectivist society, I would say a regular exercise of lawful defiance could be 'No Credit Card Week'. Sporadic weeks where we refuse in totality to use credit or debit cards! It would send a shudder of fear to the ruling elite that would make them realize that we know who they are and what they are doing. We would show them that we no longer buy their partisan political dialectic. We are aware as to how we are being ruled and that we are no longer divided by their mind trick of subversively imposed ideological polarity. It would also interrupt our subverted trajectory toward their notion of technocracy. It would show our unified lawful disagreement of a disparate socio-economic system, in intellectual pursiut of systemic reddress. Addressing any semblance of humanity they may have. Not one credit or debit card transaction made by anyone, despite political allegiances, ideological differences, regardless of domestic conveniences, withstanding the superficial obstacles of using cash for one week, in order to show our unified humanity against a regime of financial slavery, that has become a palpable threat to our freedom as a community of human beings that strive toward a harmonious world of societal functionality.


There are many more ways to unify. These concepts are just a start. The main thing we must accomplish is the eradication of any credibility invested in the idea that a political 'savior' is going to somehow solve the fundamental causation to mankind's adversities, they won't. The system is set in the ruling elite's favor and the political methodology is now proven as a failure. 2 million plus demonstrating against the Iraq war did not stop that war. Need I say more? If we do not relinquish our habitual contention amongst ourselves, our conditioning to accept 'the norm', our lazy acceptance of a system that serves the very few, our freedom to revolt in any affective, non violent way could be void. Our subversion toward an irreversible form of globalist totalitarianism must end. CASHWEEKREVOLT.COM



I include a few source materials for those that may doubt credibility of reason, as I applaud critical thinking, and would not expect those unfamiliar with common law, and the assertions of actual rule within this publication:






Reference and source materials:

An essential documentary that shows an in depth history of The Federal Reserve: Owned and run by a Rothschild banking cartel.

An awesome animation that illustrates our socio-economic history. An entertaining explanation of financial enslavement that even a child could understand. For the most part accurate, and asolutely relevant to the causation of imposed scarcity.

Jordan Maxwell reveals a hidden history of financial institution usary and common law language, with reference to US Inc. –  the same principles and methodologies apply to all western nations ruled under Admirilty Maritime Law

Another essential documentary about the history of money. The Federal Reserve, The bank of England and the Rothschild Dynasty.

CIA Whistle Blower Kevin Shipp describes the folly of Washington's democratic process, showing us that avarice and criminality has infected USA politico at the highest levels of 'government'. One of many examples that show the falibility and vulnerabilities of 'democracy'.

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