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July 2017

Land of Dreams and Wishes is now available at iTunes / Apple Radio, Spotify and Amazon

Land of Dreams and Wishes is recorded live in a forest near Oakhurst, California... it is the first in a series of live recordings in nature, with guest appearances from birds, branches in the wind, a nearby stream, and the odd flying insect. A song that is dedicated to Bryna, my daughter Sophia, along with all strong, wise and inspirational women; of which I am most fortunate to have in my world...you all have my eternal gratitude, my most profound, and deepest affection~Fionn


June 2017

Wishing ma boy gets his birthday gifts?

In San francisco, seeing some awesome footware for ma babies, wondering what shoe size they are? Could 'someone' email management@olochlainn.com from an undisclosed email address with that information...pleeeaaase? Love and miss ma family so much...


Lovin' da shot with the braids and pink glasses...lookin' amazing! in ma thoughts and heart...longin' to see ya...


Draconian Red-Tape Hinders Punctuality of Dru's Birthday Gifts

Cautious lawyers, being sticklers about Oregon State law would not facilitate sending his gifts to that address, so sadly, my boy's gifts couldn't get to him on his birthday! I am also not allowed to 'arrange' to get them to him! His gifts are now in a reception area of 'un-named' associates in Portland, and have been for a week! I trust that someone is autonomously, and graciuosly inspired to furnish my boy with his Father's birthday gifts, although I make no specific address, and I suggest no demand, or obligation...I am so deeply saddened that I was not with my boy, and did not see him on his birthday...these circumstances are tragic and surreal, regardless, I have no intention of breaking the law...it's also questionable if I am even allowed to address my son personally, so as to proclaim birthday wishes publicly!!! Wow! I post this with absolute affection...f


Father's Day

Again...missing my babies so much, wondering where they are, how they are? Dru O Lochlainn's 2nd birthday is June 23rd....Heartbreaking...can't believe I am not with him in physical presence now, and may still not see him on that day. Sending Dru's gifts to same address as Sophia's prior to her birthday, should be there by Wednesday, sincerely trust my boy gets his gifts...sending unconditional love to those trapped under the spell of cynicism, or unwarranted fear and suspicion, as well as Affection and gratitude to all that are applying your thoughts to my reunion with Sophia and Dru,f


Land of Dreams and Wishes - Release date June 30th

Available at iTunes / Apple Radio, Spotify, and Amazon

I am still in Northern California, I miss my babies so bad, I am in such a state of sadness, it is most challenging to work: it's my baby son's birthday soon, I sincerely wish to see him on that day if not prior...tragically, I didn't get to see my Daughter on her birthday, I am in a state of absolute disbelief, as are my family and friends, right now my paternal status is in the hands of the gods...I ask all those with a sense of humanity to apply your meditations, prayers and thoughts toward my reunion with Sophia and Dru O Lochlainn...I am now releasing Land of Dreams and Wishes: release date is June 30th, although it may take a week or two to propagate around all internet stations and stores...it should be available at iTunes to pre-order soon...


Resultant de'l Expérience Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

A one track mini concept album from Sue-Ellen Stroum's art film Little Triggers is now available at iTunes/Apple Radio, Spotify and Amazon


May 7th 2017

It's Sophia-Liana O Lochlainn's birthday... today I am celebrating my beloved daughter...gonna be posting something special to her soon...working on it right now...

May 5th 2017

Sophia's birthday gifts are gonna be waiting at SW 109th Street, Tigard address in reception area...from 10.30am Friday 5th...wishing that our beloved daughter receives her parcel by Sunday, with Affection and gratitude,f

May 1st 2017

In Northern California still waiting to hear from Sophia and Dru's Mother, I have wonderful birthday gifts to send my Daughter, yet no address to send them to?!

I seek to inspire impulses of compassion, morality and human resonance, in order to end this sadness...erase cynical doubt and suspicion: allowing trust, reason and affection to bring about gracious resolution…

I shall be posting a video message to my baby Daughter on her 3rd birthday soon...I wish I could be with her...My Mother also yearns to see her Grand–children, and my Brother, his niece and nephew...


April 2017

So thankful to hear that progress is under way. My heart and mind are in affectionate anticipation to see and speak to you all, as soon as the restraints are gone. I am trusting in our highest nature with gratitude,f


It is my daughter's birthday on May 7th...I ask the universal forces of moral impulse that she somehow be allowed to see her loving Father..I post Sally Gardens in meditation and prayer that I shall see my beloved Sophia-Liana and her Brother Dru Arran soon, if not before, as least on Sophia's birthday...



February/March 2017


I miss my babies so much I am barely able to breath...

Sculpture by Abraham Anghik

I shall be posting another song...issues with my babies are still unresolved, and are somewhat all consuming right now...I have not seen my son Dru since January 3rd, and my daughter Sophia since January 17th...despite my comments from January's posting, transpirations have allowed me to gain a greater understanding...my children's Mother was under distress, and in a state of hysteria when she made these false claims; drawn from erroneous suppositions when unaware as to our children's where abouts (due to adverse weather conditions in Southern Oregon)...I have no ill will toward her, in fact I forgive her, in unconditional affection and compassion..we are now are in the process of pursuing a resolution that is best relating to our children...I wish her love and ask her to allow our children to see their Father, sans complication or legal entanglement. With gratitude,f


January 2017

Fionn O Lochlainn spent most of January and February dealing with a legal domestic issue. On February 14th a California court dismissed all charges made against Fionn...proving all slanderous allegations on social media as false.


December 2016


A Short Message to Californians

Please allow 3 mins download



Words to a song that I got to perform on a couple of radio interviews, still must record song, thought I would release spoken word version, as words seem to stand alone sufficiently.

Honored by Regina Meredith's posting





'We Beleive You' now available to hear at Fionn O Lochlainn Music Youtube channel. Recording features Keith Carlock's masterful drumming and Pat Sansone's awesome playing...song was written in response to establishment media corruption post 9/11. Major label would not release it. I had to master the song on headphones, due to not having access to a studio...profound gratitude to Steve Orchard, who blasted song in an acoustically treated room; contributing sonic consultation, so as not to mix blind. Poverty is a woeful obstruction, still doing all I am able to do to keep releasing music, even if I have to mix and master with a set of headphones and a laptop. After seeing everyone wake up to just how evil and corrupt our mainstream media is, thought that song should be out there, so it's now free to hear without ads on Gootube. After the last year, no one with ANY self respect is ever gonna trust corporate media again, less innocence being exploited by moguls and elite banksters...great...We Believe You is confrontational in sound, which I think is appropriate: we should all be outraged by media corruption mind control. Chris Roth's sleeve painting is truly awesome...gratitude!




You'll Be Here Live at Throckmorton Theatre, January 2016 no at available to see and hear at Youtube



Gratitude to all contributing at Patreon! We are releasing another song at patreon.com/fionn on September 30th

The second song to be released at Patreon is 'You'll Be Here' - An audio-visual recording from a solo performance show at one of Northern California's most revered arts Theaters

Please consider showing support to facilitate Fionn's future albums and performances at patreon.com/fionn


Fionn is contributing a series of interview articles at truthliberates.us, the first of which was published on September 3rd:

Fionn O Lochlainn: Social Media and the Wolves in Sheep's Clothing...

Here's a PDF download



We are sorry to announce that due to unavoidable circumstance, Joe's Pub show is postponed...

a new date in 2017 is being scheduled, please come back soon to see actual date.


JULY 2016

THanks to all especially those that travelled from Marin to show support, great audience resonance, making first performance in Berkeley a satisfying experience

Photographs: Stefanie Atkinson Schwartz


First show in Berkeley, California Friday July 22, on stage at 8:30

Back Room is a venue that specifically caters to songwriters and decible sensitive musicians, with a Steinway Grand, intimate setting, great sound

Yesterday Fionn with his Gibson SJ acoustic guitar, singing songs and starting up conversations with students on Berkeley University campus...Awesome experience

Photograph: Stefanie Atkinson Schwartz


First east coast show in some years, in enthusiastic anticipation to play Joe's Pub in Manhattan August 30th, 9.30pm

Advance tickets now available here...




New single Sell You Out release date is June 30, pre-sale available right now at Fionn O Lochlainn store

Both AAC 320kbps(iTunes sound quality - fast download) and AIFF(CD Quality audio - slow download) are on sale, with Pay What You Want ( minimum fee is 73¢, recommended cost is $3, and plus if you wish to show generous support)

Available at iTunes, Amazon and internet radio stations August 3rd



KPFA Hear and Now Radio Show with Derk Richardson June 9

Kudus and gratitude to Derk Richardson at KPFA, great interview...

Hearing radio interviews retrospectively online usually means that sound quality is dramatically reduced. In order to allow a 1-3 hour radio show to stream without stops and starts, most radio stations compress their archive audio (sometimes they even make it mono!!!) Please understand this prior to hearing, as essentially you are hearing hi fidelity recordings at a 3rd or less of their original resolution...

Hear radio show...


Also performing at KPFA festival on June 19th...


Thanks to all those that came to Presidio Yacht Club, showing support, awesome audience,gratitude,f



Sweetwater Music Hall show...

Supposed to be an hour and a half, actually played close to, two and a half hours...new songs in set such as 'Numbers on a Screen' '3 Stripe Balloon' and 'Mind Control'.

Awesome venue, sound and audience, gratitude,f


Photograph by Stefanie Atkinson Schwartz


Hear April 11 KMRW radio interview with Amanda Eichstaedtand

Speaking and performing 3 songs live and acoustic in studio... first performance of 'Numbers on a Screen'

Also KMRW broadcasting songs from Spawn of the Beast, as well as songs from up and coming album: 3 Stripe Balloon (Scheduled release late summer 2016)

A real pleasure to be on Amanda's show...f

Hear full radio show at KWMR Archives


Fionn is giving an interview and performing songs on KMRW radio, California at 7pm - April 11



Fionn O Lochlainn Wikipedia Page Mysterious Disappeareous

Wikipedia has somehow decided that Fionn O Lochlainn should not exist and has erased Fionn O Lochlainn's page that was at Wikipedia for many years...it gave a partial, rudementary biographical history, however...
when ever we attempted to add factual information regarding Fionn as an artist...Wikipedia would not allow those updates...only information pertaining to Fionn's past work: portraying Fionn only in collaboration with other Wikipedia approved artists and musicians, not acknowledging his work as an artist in his own right...if anyone has any doubt about the subversive and censorial nature of Wikipedia, let this example 'eradicate' those doubts


Fionn O Lochlainn show at Mill Valley's Sweetwater Music Hall is on April 12, information at shows and tour dates...Advance tickets are now on sale at swmh.com

Poster Artwork by Stefanie Atkinson Schwartz


Kudos and gratitude to Real McCoy Custom Wahs, who just customized my wah wah to have a noiseless switch...most, if not all wahs click when turned on as does theirs...usually this is not an issue, as the syncapation and transients of a rhythm section mask those clicks, however, on using within a solo performance setting, those clicks are loud and most noticable. After a solo performance show at Throckmorton, I asked if there was a way, they could customise my wah to gain a seemless switch from clean sound to wah wah sound...and after some research and customization, Lord Teese at Real McCoy Custom found a way to gain a smooth transition from clean signal to wah signal...I used his new customized wah on latest show and it's amazing...His wahs are, in my estimation oozing awesomeness, possibly the best wahs on the planet, not just in construction but in sonic psychedelia...and now most suitable in an intimate sensitive solo performance environment. Guitarists that are pursuing a wah sound could not get a higher reccomendation from me.f



First show in San Rafael was a wonderful experience, it's a magic part of the world here in Marin...music is still percieved and nurtured as an art form, it's a real pleasure to be playing shows in Northern California

Thanks to those folks that travelled far to get to that show, in anticipation to see you all at Sweetwater show on April 12

Poster Artwork by Stefanie Atkinson Schwartz




Advance tickets now available to see and hear Fionn O Lochlainn solo show at Fenix in San Rafael, California, March 29th Doors 7pm On stage 7.30pm - 9pm

Strong possiblity that show may be steaming live on web as well, venue is able to record audio and visual at high quality and stream in real time. Information on that coming soon...



THanks to all those that got to Throckmorton main stage show in another rain storm, so great to see you all, Set included new songs, interludes , a great way to start 2016

Profound gratitude to all at Throckmorton making that show one I shall remember...live videos from performance are now at inner circle community area, thanks,f


Pacific Sun article actually saying something regarding music and world perception, kudos and gratitude to Charlie Swanson... read article here






First show of 2016 is at Throckmorton Theatre, Mill Valley, California on Friday January 29th, 8pm advance tickets available at: throckmortontheatre.org



An impromuptu informal performance in Throckmorton Theatre's art room on January 6th was a great start to 2016, thanks to all those who braved the rain, some who drove from all around Northern California

So great to see you all, speacial thanks to Throckmorton Theatre: a great venue featuring Steve Coleman's awesome murals

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