Prior to folks reading this, I would make readers aware of documented evidence, showing that the propagandist term ‘conspiracy theory’ was fabricated by the Central Intelligence Agency(Knights of Malta). A phrase now socially engineered  to discourage autonomous research, investigation but most of all, deduction. This pernicious, weaponized phrase was designed as a subtle enforcement of establishment narrative. By connotation, the phrase(or condemnatory notion) 'orthodoxifies' an establishment narrative.  Some are so stupefied by this 'psy-op' that they sometimes discard or dismiss valuable, liberating information and accurate research sans-investigation, as it may not suit with an orthodoxy or establishment narrative being promulgated by centralized academia or media at any given time.


I shall now document my perception, experience, research, conjecture, supposition, and intuition in awareness of these traits within my transmission of ideas; with not a wisp of concern as to the chance of being erroneously judged as a ‘conspiracy theorist’ (‘heretic’/blasphemer) by those that would use the Papal methods of social condemnation to ignorantly dismiss or censure any opposing narrative to theirs or just to indolently conform with establishment orchestrated consensus. Sadly, some have been conditioned to require approbation of state, institution or corporation in order to apply credibility or earnest consideration to a any notion that may negate or confront establishment collectivized social dogma.


I must also add that I neither hold or transmit disparagement toward Christianity as a religion or the many sweet folks that through conditioning, regard themselves as 'Catholics': whom, for the most part, have no knowledge as to the actual history of their institution and would be genuinely horrified to learn of it. I am a staunch resonator with the first amendment of USA constitution, thus it is now integral that we start to make the distinction between a religion and a theocracy. Due to the separation of church and state, the Papacy's imperialist theocratic aspirations have taken form in what is some times now referred to as 'the deep state' but when researching the depths of that 'state' this researcher has found that the creeping globalist imperialism now threatening America's sovereignty has it's roots in Popery: actualizing in the form of covert  temporal operatives functioning  from within American infrastructure.


In terms of the deep social conditioning we are all subject to in the western world. To a significant degree, the construction of our vernacular and common vocabulary has been perfectly designed; programmed by those that constructed the narrative, curriculum and ideological propagation of centralized academia and media; even down to the molding of urban colloquialisms and regional dialect. All in accordance with the sociological objectives of those that consider themselves the intellectual elite: folks that have been born and raised within such opulence; such security, that actual higher education is attainable.


Up until the mid 1500’s, it was the Vatican that where directly doing that programming, which is why many of us in the western world still use words and phrases that are of Biblical or of 'Catholitical' origin; words that have been sensationalized as nefarious, noble or virtuous by the Papacy. An example is the word ‘hope’: as it is necessary to consider the possibility that what one is hoping for could not transpire in order to hope that it does: or in reverse. Thus the word 'hope' is implicitly synonymous with hopelessness.


From my experience and research in the paradigm of meta-physics, ‘absolute knowledge’, although possibly the most challenging aspiration our universe has to offer, is infinitely more akin to the laws of manifestation than ‘hope’: which puts us in neutral; absorbing or containing the enthusiasm or optimism generated in association with the word’s use, thus dispelling the confidence of ethereal transmission, thus 'hope' impedes the permeation and proliferation of intention by a subtle but specific and effective undermining of confidence and knowledge. Even entertaining the notion that what you wish to transpire could not, works as a decoy or grounding to the conductance of charge.


When considering the notion that words are spells; that we ‘spell’ words, that we think with words and those words program, thus determine our meta-physical transmission, it’s astounding to think that our powers of manifestation have been programmed to such a degree. They could have given us the knowledge to program our selves, but just as they endeavor to monopolize spirituality, proclaiming vicarious faculty, some even infallibility; they chose to sequester it, retaining an upper hand by fundamentally impeding the plebeian with an inherently dysfunctional faculty of meta-physical manifestation; to exploit our poverty of mind and circumstance to their own means of imperialist ambition. Covert meta-physical hegemony; rendering their subjects vulnerable by means of  conditioning a social mechanism of 'auto-de-authorization', whilst the plebeian remain ignorant to the form of manipulation, even delighting in or 'revering'  the cosmetic optimism associated with 'hope'.


However some would nihilistically defend the careless use of wording, allowing their socially engineered default vernacular to shackle them in ignorance or fear of the generally unseen. Unknowingly handing sovereign meta-physical power to those illumined with the faculty to appropriate it; those that would in self motive abuse that power to exploit and extort; those that would endeavor to monopolies the singular representation, thus predatory potential of the ‘holy ghost’ as a weaponized notion, as oppose to allowing us to learn that we are all that holy ghost; every one of us, and that if we were cultivated with spiritual autonomy, we would have paltry need for religious institution: especially if we were living in a society that had not allowed it’s sense of community to be appropriated and monopolized by the Papacy. Realizing this occult method of subjugation could inspire us to pursue reconstruction of our vernacular: at least to some semblance of defense against the Vatican’s well developed methods of spiritual parasitizing. Research the Jesuit order if you wish, and you shall see the extent they will go to to covertly, subversively coerce, persuade and manipulate subservience to their theocratic imperialist regime.


Now the Papacy ushers the weak minded of the world toward globalism, with it’s pseudo-conservationist orthodoxy(United Nations IPCC); resembling none other than yet another branch of the Holy Roman Empire, wielding ‘climate change’ to ‘rationalize’ a cruel and technocratically inescapable socio-infrastructural regime, being forcefully implemented with condemnation to all that dare question it. We’ve seen this before; many times in fact, history shows us that supremacist orthodoxy has been used to ensnare, direct and mobilize factions of society countless times, with extreme examples such as is Nazism, Bolshevism, Islam and of course Catholicism. Now the new Nazism is ‘Globalism’ at the behest of the Papacy in symbiosis with a handful of glutinously opulent ‘banking’ dynasties that run the show, such as Rothschilds and Rockefeller dynasties. Achieving a totalitarian 'omnipressive' technocratic social paradigm that Hitler, Stalin or Loyola would have only dreamed about. With propaganda, 'lawfare', economic and biological warfare being the main methods of engagement, as oppose to troops at dawn. Since the advent of nuclear weaponry, these plutocrats have had to find other, less explosive ways of waging war.


I am personally of the perception that the Vatican have had sole access to the meta-physical works of MANY great scholars: as the work and records of every erudite philosopher; every aspiring scientist or alchemist; every physician that dared to practice outside of the Vatican’s instruction or authorization; every intellectual with courage to question their theology would have been confiscated, stored in their library, studied and weaponized, utilized and applied to their methods of reign; their dominance over the psyche of their subjects.


Many of these men and women of accomplishment were, and still are(to a less explicit degree) condemned as ‘heretics’: and up until the late 19th century, were imprisoned and tortured, forced to ‘confess’ to some ‘sin’ or another, experimented on(trepanning, vaccination quackery, blood letting), burned (100’s of thousands of women burned/last recorded woman ‘witch’ burned by Papal law being Anna Göldi 1782) or brutally subjugated. Those that dared not conform with any form of opposition or confrontation were deemed as ‘possessed’. When presented with any assertion of  defiance, these priests and monks would commit acts of perverse violence upon ‘heretics’ under restraint, with their insane justification being various forms of ‘exorcism’.


Sodomites were imprisoned, tortured and mercilessly executed, with state enforced punishments such as castration remaining  even into the 20th century as residue of the Papacy's condemnatory zeal: a result of Rome's multi-generational Jesuitical indoctrination and ecclesiastical conditioning. Think of the torture that the Vatican has put homosexuals through for centuries, and now they say sodomy is not a sin, they also now say infidelity is 'normal'. With no concern or apology for the countless violating persecutions perpetrated against men and women of degenerous sexual adventure.


Please also consider these secrets of ancient esotero wisdom in the hands of the Vatican; being used to induce the same dynamic of social control under modern circumstances; the remote subversion of subconscious behaviors by praise or condemnation; inclusion or excommunication; sycophantic acceptance of the Vatican's theocratic authority being rewarded, and the opposite severely punished.


These days the Papacy practices the same sorts of barbarism but with state discretion. One just has to research the CIA's MK Ultra* and Colonia Dignidad* to know that the brutal methods practiced by sadistic psychopaths such as Sydney Gottlieb and Paul Schäfer, resemble those of the monks and priests of the Papacy, in rationale, compunction, and of course with a perverse savagery that identifies Papal cruelty through out history.


(*CIA/Knights of Malta operations involving torture, extreme and cruel forms of psychotropic psychological manipulation)


The CIA/Knights of Malta are the founders, funders and controllers of Silicon Valley, utilizing Facebook to procure ‘confessions’; personal information that elevates their position in relationship to the confessor to one of trust or fear. A subtle but effective ploy that is most lucrative, as it actualizes as varying degrees of blackmail(from subliminal instruction to explicit threat). Just knowing that someone could reveal your secret gives them psychological power over you, even to the degree of cruel extortion or coercive subjugation.


When ingenuous folks procure dopamine rushes from using Facebook to ‘keep in touch’ with friends and acquaintances, every correspondence or submission to Zuckerberg’s monster is giving  informational munitions to the CIA/Knights of Malta/Papacy to use as they have for centuries; as these correspondences could be spun out of context and used to persecute any one naive enough to enter information that could render them vulnerable. Resulting in a relatively intangible form of consensus manipulation or ideological intimidation: allowing Zuckerberg's 'algorithms' to ex-communicate modern day ‘heretics’. This is a modern day permutation of Vaticanism that has been born from the Papacy's  seasoned theocratic stratagem.



I usually associate social engineering and societal conditioning as something that really came in to play with the onset of 'public relations'; with the finessing of Gustave Le Bon's work by Ivy Lee and Edward Bernays around the start of the twentieth century, but in actuality on the very deepest level, where the spells we cast are formed as impulses; we have been conditioned to a archetypal degree by the Vatican. Even factions of western society that have discarded religion for generations still maintain the residue of Papal conditioning: subconsciously constructing their thoughts and words with spells that have been engineered by the Papacy. Although many, in indolence or error, would not necessarily consider it as a threat of significance.


The ideological application or implementation in statuary conduct of every Jesuit that has elevated to positions of state authority must be studied. With their statutes suspended whilst serious investigation is made. Do not underestimate the ideological subversion of the Jesuits(esp. in academia): their decision to uproot America’s constitution was made many years ago, and now they subvert us by means of interweaving Jesuitical or Hegelian principles into the fabric of their methods of curriculum; of the language we are cultivated to use.


Rome have now publicly admitted to their ‘praise’ of the United Nations' globalist regime; of a global trajectory toward technocratically enforced Marxist totalitarianism; of a one world religion; of Club of Rome's faithless fear inducing ‘end is nigh’ narrative; of the media generated asinine pop activism; of the UN's purposefully manufactured and fomented 'phenomena'; of our ‘carbon footprint’ being the new ‘original sin’; of the quasi-religious, pseudo scientific, dogmatic zeal that has been socially engineered to such a fanatical degree, that we could actually justify the slaughter of 10’000 camels in Australia on the grounds of ‘climate change’.


'Migration' is now a human right according to the Jesuit ‘Pope’. This reveals the Papacy's true imperialist intention, as the notion calls for the eradication of national constitutional sovereignty and could only be actualized by globalism. The United Nation’s new ‘religion’ 'Communitarianism' petulantly virtue signaling about 'eco' awareness whilst gradually implementing globalist ideology and infrastructure. Thats what their media machine is pedaling and that’s what their proclaimed ideological direction is: we are seeing the totalitarian imperialist aspirations of Rome actualize in the worship of quasi-pagan principle, with a political ideology that resembles Collectivism. In reality their pluto-technocratic regime would function as technocratic serfdom (example: China). Pop activists that ingenuously protest IPCC orthodoxy to usher in global governance, are in actuality just protesting their right to protest; protesting against their own sovereignty. The gullibility of youth is makes their aspirations a feasibility. Which is why they are attempting to divide generations attitudinally; to set child against parent, and in reverse.


It’s as though the Vatican have always coveted the ability to induce or manipulate the miracles or catastrophic punishments of 'God' within the narrative of the Bible. As they proclaim infallibility, and sole vicarious representation of ‘God’ then being able to manipulate notions such as extreme weather and pestilence would bolster that claim. As these Papal proclamations have always been a vulnerability to them, it would be a plausible assumption that once they would attain these powers, they could announce tragic events as God's will; ‘it is the work or direction of God’.


When I see HAARP, the first society I could think of desperately wanting that technology, other than the military, would be the Papacy. I am personally of the perception that the Vatican were the alchemists behind the post reformation Great Plague of 1665 in UK. As bizarre as this sounds, there is MUCH circumstantial evidence that would suggest plausibility. And what institution in that century would have had the means or motive to administer biological warfare. Of course the clergy would use pestilence to wield ‘the wrath of God’. A most effective form of social control. Especially as they would have been the sole institution to benefit from the genocide. With many Britons suspecting it as Rome's retaliation in outrage at Henry VIII's reformatory insolence. If the Papacy had the facility to weaponize bacterium at that point, it would present another rational answer as to how they were able to rule Europe for centuries with such a paltry army. Interestingly, folklore speaks of an ominous hooded monk often seen on the outskirts of a village or town as the omen of plague.


One must understand that the first ‘documented’ examples of biological warfare in the west were applied by the Holy Roman Empire. The weaponization of small pox against the Aztecs, the Incas and the American Indians was authorized by Emperor Charles V of the Holy Roman Empire, speculatively with bacterial cultivations prepared by Jesuits or Papal monks. Charles V (HRE) authorized the slave trade from Africa to the America’s (yes the Papacy are responsible for the slave trade in America and the mass killing of the buffalo, which was an integral jesuitical strategy implemented by General Sheridan in the American Indian genocide). Various plagues and pandemics have conveniently ‘occurred’ in accordance with various geo-strategic maneuvers made by the Papacy.  When studying the Secret Oath of the Jesuit, this narrative becomes understood to a infinitely further degree.


Acts of human kindness are often associated with religion, when in fact these personal and social attributes of generosity are seen in varying degrees within every culture(to) despite not having any history of theological conditioning, thus they are attributes of humanity, not religion. The appropriation or monopolization of these attributes under falsehood of motive has allowed the Papacy to operate with impunity due to a pious 'charitable' facade masking it’s criminality.


Once learning the occult history of the Holy Roman Empire (especially the occulted infrastructural powers of the Knights of Malta SS/OSS/CIA) it becomes most plausible even to an extent of probability, that contrary to the ‘official’(CIA controlled) establishment narrative, Adolph Hitler was indeed rescued and granted safe passage to Argentina; as many respectable scholars have stated.


Papal history corroborates the declassified CIA documents declaring that Hitler lived out his life (some years with Eva Braun) in the Papal territories of the Americas, where there were large populations that had fled the Third Reich, able to ‘surrender’ there. Also CIA's 'operation paperclip' brought some of the higher ranking SS officers to the region via USA, ostensibly reforming a social microcosm of Nazi Germany within Argentina, Columbia and North America: the CIA/Knights of Malta would have had unlimited powers of coercion with every one of these Nazi officers, maintaining them as vassals of the Pontiff of Rome.


Stalin refused to accept the ‘official’ story and was of the impression that Hitler had escaped the fall of Germany: as was Eisenhower. With many sightings of Hitler, countless witnesses in Argentina and Columbia, some stating that it was ‘known’ locally that Eva Braun and Hitler lived in an obscured and heavily guarded remote part of the foothills of the Andes: of course the CIA(Rome) classified all reports, whilst scuppering the FBI(USA) investigation that was in progress for years after WW2.
















Leading member of the Nazi Party and main architect of the WW2’s holocaust Heinrich Himmler was a high Jesuit. High ranking Nazi intelligence and security officer Reinhard Gehlen was a Papal Knight that was also granted safe passage to USA to establish the CIA with Papal Knight William Donovan: both being awarded one of the highest medals of honor from the Papacy in 1948/9. Some speculate that it was for the planning and execution of Hitler’s escape, and re-installation in the Americas, whilst others suggest his medal was for the successful establishment of the Central Intelligence Agency as Rome’s intelligentsia in United States of America. Upon learning the true history of the Papacy, both of these reasons combined become rational, and plausible, even to the degree of making the ‘official’ widely published establishment 'suicides in a bunker' narrative sound melodramatically implausible. Especially when considering the acute hubris and Narcissism of the Führer. The Knights of Malta were able to grant safe passage to just about every high ranking Nazi officer, including Gehlen, is it even worth considering the implausible notion that they would not have saved Pope Pius XII's protégé and highly accomplished general of 'herecide'.

















Nazi pilot Captain Peter Baumgart(Iron Cross) testified twice at the Nuremberg trials, declaring that he flew Adolph Hitler, Eva Braun a German general and ‘others’ out of Berlin to Danish Coast and was paid 20’000 Deutsche Marks. His testimony inconveniently opposed the ‘official’ CIA/Knights of Malta narrative, so he was sent to receive ‘psychological’ evaluation after his first testimony. After six months his testimony remained unchanged, swearing under oath that he personally flew the Führer to safety. He was benevolently sentenced for five years in 1949, where as many others were sentenced to death: an unusually merciful verdict. Another suspicious aspect to documented history is that just prior to the fall of Germany both Adolph and Eva Braun ordered 2 full sets of dentures to be made.


Establishment media and now ‘Bigtechipedia’ has unsuccessfully attempted to cover up or undermine any narrative suggesting Hitler’s escape, with indolent, irrational dismissal, whilst re-asserting the highly dubious 'official' story; as they did with the many narratives that surfaced opposing the ‘official’ JFK assassination narrative; as they did when scientists and demolition experts questioned the ‘official’ 911 narrative: both examples of ‘official’ narrative now proven and known to be false.(911: University of Alaska among many other studies unequivocally proving controlled demolition & JFK recent declassified autopsy proving many suspecting intellectuals right). Yet many scholars have been socially persecuted as ‘theorists’ for making plausible or evidential assertions now proven most truthful.


How ever implausible aspects of this narrative may sound to some, we see now that is has become dangerous to blindly accept the establishment narrative. And now when seeing the long term developments and transpirations of the United Nations; of Bayer; of Merck; of Nasa; of the Military Industrial complex; when seeing Nazi affiliates such the the Holy Roman Empire’s Bussche (Bush) Dynasty infiltrating the White House, the ‘official’ narrative’s suggestion that Nazism ended with the supposed death of Adolph Hitler is infinitely less plausible.


Upon learning the occult history of the Papacy, with great sadness, I would state that an occulted continuance of World War 2 is now becoming palpable with the socio-political orchestration of coercive and enforced vaccination mandates, among many other unconstitutional transgressions associated with the Holy Roman Empire's new reich: Rothschild's and Rockefeller's United Nations.


The Papal forces of imperialist aspiration are surfacing again now, after ‘laying low’ since societal acceptance of Newtonian reductionism, and of course our liberation from their theocracy manifesting in the Great Reformation of the 1500’s, with heroes such as Martin Luther, Henry VIII and Calvin revealing that the Papacy were utilizers and weaponizers of a theology that they do not respect themselves: showing the Vatican’s true motive being the implementation of an imperialist, oppressive regime; not resembling anything ‘Holy’, spiritual or pious: just functioning as a force of pervasive evil, that has used their ungodly institution to subjugate, oppress and control, whilst amassing enormous opulence from their ecclesiastical deception.


Since that reformation in Europe, we have seen the emancipation of women in the west. If we had not had the reformation, our society would possible resemble something as staunchly patriarchal, misogynistic and socially oppressive as Islam or pre-reformation Papal serfdom. Western women should be so very thankful for these courageous reformatory intellectuals; some of whom suffered greatly to elevate societal understanding of the Papacy’s corrupt, exploitation of innocence.


And now we see two Papal Knights, Biden(also Jesuit) and Bloomberg complacently ‘running’ for office, despite the constitution prohibiting foreign allegiance with it’s Titles of Nobility Clause.


We see Jeffery Epstein's Manhattan apartment within a 30 foot stone throw of the Vatican's Holy See building (Papacy's 72nd Street NY residence). We see Senior Judge, Chief of Department, first deputy police commissioner and state 'governor' involved in his case ALL graduates from the same infamous Jesuit University(Fordham). We see the Jesuit trained (Vilanova) Chief of FBI(NY) involved in the case attending the masses of Papal Knight Cardinal Dolan: a disgusting protector of unconscionable evil that paid many pedophile priests to be defrocked under laicization rather than risk a broad scale Papal 'pedo-scandal' going public. We see pictures of Epstein with the Pope in Epstein's apartment. All suggesting that if an authentic, objective investigation were made into Epstein, the most plausible destination of trails would  lead to the Papacy. No other organization in the world has the power to erase or hide a potential snitch of such prominence.


From  gluttonous media imperialist Rupert Murdoch, to sinister 'political' figures such as the Clintons and Podesta, recent history still provides images where figures of perceived power are sycophantically bowing and groveling to Rome's Pontiff, despite the many Papal examples of inhuman barbarism numerously documented through out history. These associations considered post Wikileaks present perverse suggestion; especially upon researching the nefarious workings of inner Papal societies such as Opus Dei and Le Cercle.


There is so much work to do if we wish to actually confront the systemic corruption of America's 'political' and economic infrastructure. Sadly, this absurd term 'conspiracy theory' has scuppered the motivation or rationale of necessary investigation. I am personally of the estimation that in order to make America the United States of America again, instead of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INCORPORATED (Act of 1871); in order to root out the covert implementors of Globalism/Nazism, we must first have the intellectual courage to categorically discard the notion of high level 'conspiracy' as anything other than plausible and most credible, in reversal of the CIA's propagandist 'spell' to impede or subvert public investigative intelligence.


When our spirit of humanity inspires an intellectual insurgence; where as an organism we become aware of the debauched blood sucking dynasties that preside over the Papacy; that command the Papal machine of intangible but most palpable social subjugation; the Vatican's inevitable demise shall mark a true awakening of mankind: banishing the totalitarian notion of theocracy. A transpiration that would precipitate an age of liberation and enlightenment. Where human beings are at liberty to chose their own spiritual path and the right of an individual is not snuffed out by a tyranny of manipulatable majority, formed from it's lowest common denomination.


I say this on grounds of the Papacy's most evil history; a malign system of demoniac social control and cruel conditioning that continues to harm ingenuous human beings as it has done from it's inception. Unless those at it's highest ranks have a moral epiphany; reveal all in genuine humanitarian intention; end their occulted regime, we must fight to retain secular sovereignty: that we as a liberated organism may cease all ties with an institution that functions as a parasite on our spiritual, intellectual and physical forces of power; disarming us by exploiting our sense of trust and aspiration. Cultivating weaknesses within us by method of ideological impression and social permeation of fallacy: maintaining us as their host, as they prey on our most innocent.


As the latest figure head of this criminal organization is a Jesuit, we could rightfully call the organization 'The Jesuicy', as with the Papal bull 'Sollicitudo omnium ecclesiarum' (issued by Pope Pius VII in - 1884), the 'Society of Jesus'(Jesuit Order) gained infallible status within the Papacy. The bull re-installed the Jesuits after their dishonorable treachery was rightfully banished from many nations in Europe, resulting in a bull  'Dominus ac Redemptor' (issued by Clement XIV - 1773) suppressing the Jesuits in Rome.


Sollicitudo omnium ecclesiarum(1884) secured Jesuitical dominion within the Papal hierarchy, rendering EVERY outlet in their malevolent franchise subject to the will and now the command of a military order: founded in 1540 by the fanatical, murderous and deceitful megalomaniac Ignatius Loyola. For this reason I generally use the term 'the Agency' to describe their institution, as it de-stigmatizes their pomp; their garb; their aggrandized facade. I chose that word because it represents the functionality of the Papacy; the utilization of infiltrating 'agents' to subvert, divert, bribe, coerce, incite, suggest, advise, embezzle, encourage, seduce or corrupt by any means, to secure Papal submission and obedience: and when that result is not procured, find clandestine covert methods to de-authorise any house, state or principality that dares to think or live in liberation of their 'ecclesiastical' regime.


If there was ever any genuine theological interest or compulsion in this pretentious cabal of criminals, it would have been mercilessly destroyed by 'Sollicitudo omnium ecclesiarum': after which the 'Society of Jesus' ostensibly assumed covert control of the Papacy. The notion that we now have a militia general in control of a pseudo-religious organization with it's own constitution; with imperialist, globalist aspirations spanning over centuries; with it's  subterfluent tentacles in every nation, state or continent around the world, should suggest to anyone remotely accomplished in any school of strategy, that 'Catholic' institution is an intrinsic threat to ANY constitution that does not place it's jurisdiction beneath Papal authority.


Regardless of their outward allegiance, the 'Agency' has always been a globalist theocracy that maintains covert militia all around the world. It has never stopped coveting global imperialism, with their intentions symbolized by the double-headed eagle (representing dominion over east and west) and the word 'catholic' actually meaning 'universal': intrinsically suggesting an ideology of globalism. Despite the pious pretense of their foot soldiers and the sanctimonious, avuncular, even jovial charade of their representatives; despite the reconstruction of historical narrative on their Silicon Valley 'techno-pedia' platforms, in self-aggrandizement and exaggeration of their charitable veneer, and burial of their most reprehensible crimes, the Agency have proliferated to such a degree that they must now be stopped. It's as though they have just been waiting until the technology was cultivated to actualize their empire globally in order to re-surface as a theocracy. Lulling the heads of other religions into a false sense of security, prior to establishing their global structure of orthodoxical enforcement.


We now see their convergence of power with the globalist state control system that they remotely nurtured to fruition; Rothschild and Rockefeller's 'United Nations'. We also see a brazen relinquishing of Catholic theology in favor of the new one world quasi-religion 'Communitarianism'(Agenda21), after the west has endured centuries of torturous enforcement of an orthodox ideology that is now flippantly discarded in favor of one that proves more conducive with their imperialist ambitions.


Vatican City shall fall to the immutable laws of nature at the hand of the many forces of human spirit that maintain our highest moral principles, and in what form this inevitably transpires, I only trust that the work of Michael Angelo remains unscathed. As he painted that chapel under duress; under pain of death. The Papal army had to force him to do it. There are also other examples of exquisite art within their domain that do not necessarily pay homage to the Papacy that I trust shall endure the fall of Rome. These works, as with many of Rome's constructions, were constructed to glorify the Papacy under fear, or purposefully induced delusion. As when the truth of the Vatican's crimes against humanity is known far and wide, a frocked sermon would be considered as no different to a Nazi getting up in a busy square in supremacist tirade. It could feasibly become that abhorrently distasteful an association. After years of researching the transgressions of Papal history, there are no words repulsive enough to express my disdain for the hypocrisy, iniquity and inhumanity of Rome.


Most of the civilized world are bound to the monetary system that the 'Agency' brought to rise; that the Holy Roman Empire nurtured by cultivating the Rothschild dynasty to power as their branch of economic militia. The symbiosis of trans-national central banks and the Papacy should be exposed through transparency of ordinal investigation, then brought to trial in every sovereign nation with all credibility divested from their globalist system of 'International Law'(ICC). Regardless of the judicial temptations or 'possibilities' they offer, the International Criminal Court is the Papacy's mechanism to procure global governance; to end national constitutional rights. We can not and must not allow this to transpire.



Here are some source references and essential reading materials regarding the subject. I plan to update this pamphlet with any relating revelation or discovery made.



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the secret subversions, operations & esoterically administered societal impedance of the Holy Roman Empire.



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