Ghosts and Borders


Strange scenes at Truth Serum Studios...I refrained from releasing a live performance due to one pitchy word and a glitch in a camera...searching a hard drive years later, I found it. I also intended to write a bridge, and thought I would rerecord it. Circumstances were less congenial than expected, so for some reason, mainly obstructions of one sort or another,I never got round to it. I wrote GAB inspired, in  love, in a state of almost childlike abandon of any potential criticism or judgment. Just absolute affection...She never heard it. I sometimes wonder if she had, would she still be in my world...I essentially wrote it for a cat, sung it to a dog, sadly ignoring the pink elephant in the corner, that knew me better than the two other quadrupeds put together...'corners of my mouth' possibly would have got changed, something more lewd may have been more fitting


Illustration by Sue-Ellen Stroum.


 All rights reserved. O Lochlainn Music 2020.