Vaccination Mandating is Biological Warfare

Vaccination is biological warfare: depreciating the value of a populous by means of contamination, then mandating gives centralized establishment edifice absolute eugenic control as to who lives and who dies; who flourishes and who perishes: vaccination is the closest we have come to being forcibly subjugated as the jewish folks were in the 3rd reich, and I would make speculation as to the long term planning of implementation, that the decision to enforce mass vaccination was held back until the generation that actually remember STASI oppression are in their senior years, and less compelled to raise objection to resist. It also coincides with the advent of proficient data centralization, so they are able to correlate, surveil, track and monitor just as with the Nazi correlation of prisoner data to organise the mass extortion of their persecuted.


Please remember that IBM designed the first mainframe computer to do exactly this with jewish prisoners in world war 2.


"Let me lay this out so you understand the threat that could resurrect today—It’s the IDENTIFICATION of the Jews, their EXPULSION from society and once they get their names and they’ve archived them now they control all the banking systems. They just run those names against the bank accounts and they can automatically identify all the property, or the savings accounts and the assets that need to be seized. The third step was CONFISCATION, the fourth step was GHETTOIZATION [where] one day everybody that was targeted moved across town into a slum…The fifth step is DEPORTATION. All the trains in Europe were running on IBM punch cards and finally even EXTERMINATION. Jews were only tattooed in Auschwitz, but the Auschwitz tattoo began as an IBM number. ...with the IBM technology these people could be robbed, they could be robbed juridically, they could be robbed with decrees…

- Edwin Black (Nazi Historian)Source






Intellectuals that are compelled toward correlation and critical thinking are the first to question vaccination, and these folks are now the new persecuted class: those that dare question or rebel against establishment collectivist conformity. Those that would want to research the ingredients of a vaccine, not just accepting the corporate 'assurance' and state's collusion with corporation monopolization.


Nothing shows us that we are within the ideological realm of #UnitedStatesofGlobe(globalism) more than mandatory vaccination legislation: it is a prioritized directive of the United Nations (Agenda21 / 2030): a globalist notion, as it attacks sovereignty on a microcosmic level: our relating macrocosm would be national sovereignty. USA constitution states that WE are sovereign NOT a monarch or oligarch, where as vaccine mandates render us subjects of a tyrannical plutocratic system, that could exterminate, maim any of us at will, with impunity, as the procedure would be masked by the seemingly ‘innocuous' notion of ‘medicine’.


The potential tyranny of mandated vaccination threatens our fundamental freedom: there is no greater fight on our social landscape right once human freedom is lost, the forces of darkness and social oppression would have won!









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