A banshee in a courthouse, play acting a damsel in distress, fake tears conceal the deceit of Mephistopheles incarnate. Dedicated to American hero Senator Nancy Schaefer


Fionn O Lochlainn: Voice and Guitars, Oscar O Lochlainn: Guitar, Dylan Howe: Drums, Chris Taylor: Bass. Recorded by Iain Roberton at Hook End Manor Studios - Mixed and mastered by D. Arthur Phader at Truth Serum Studios - Cinematography by Clay Patrick McBride

Land of Dreams and Wishes


A high altitude live acoustic recording at Sentinel Mountain Summit, California... A song in celebration of our fairer gender, both in memory and imagination




We Believe You - Live at Throckmorton, California


Live recording from a show at one of my favorite theaters, adorned with murals, great ambiance and awesome folks...scroll down to see words about song...


Fionn O Lochlainn: Voice and Piano - Illustration by David Dees

Out of My Mind


A love song of sorts, best heard loud whilst driving away from an oppressive situation; where someone does not have the capacity to see, or acknowledge who you are at your highest. Gaining strength to liberate one's self from an apathetic acceptance of dis-empowering circumstance.


Fionn O Lochlainn: Voices, Guitars and illustration - Steve Slingeneyer: Drums - Mith Getz - Bass. Recorded, mixed and mastered by D. Arthur Phader at Truth Serum Studios

Won't Be Waiting

Live at Rockwood Music Hall


Written by Fionn O Lochlainn and Andy Caine - Illustration by Sue-Ellen Stroum

Work Away


A live acoustic recording from a video shoot with Sue-Ellen Stroum, including an interruption from some friendly workers... take two includes last verse...I had plans to paste it onto the first take but thought an unedited broadcast seemed somewhat appropriate on this occasion...

Overcast (Helicopter)


Best heard at high on high quality speakers at increased volume. Recorded at Truth Serum Studios in USA...Featuring Steve Slingeneyer on drums. Song transmitting thoughts regarding corporate media's social conditioning: affecting a gradual erosion of individualism... 'no need to know your name'...Also big pharma's subjugation of human spirit: addressing the epidemic of corporate, and state imposed 'prescribed' psychotropic drug addiction. Mixed by Steve Orchard at Air Lyndhurst Studios, UK. Video shot in the Nevada Desert. Mastered by D. Arthur Phader


Additional information lyrics and artwork PDF

A Secret Code


A social dynamic of contention is sensationalized in most forms of entertainment, and nurtured by those that benefit from our fragmentation and conflict. We are maintained in division, with a Hegelian Dialectic: inciting a polarization of socio-political ideology, that impedes any consorted effort toward intellectual revolution, or systemic transformation... Cultivating a ground of being that at least resembles affection, could allow us to apply ourselves in unified consortium toward actual causation of sociological affliction, as oppose to the vast assortment of symptomatic adversities that plague us...essentially rising above the social engineering that keeps us divided.


Fionn O Lochlainn: Voice, Guitar, Short Scale Banjo, String Arrangement. Aoife O Donovan: Voice, Alan Grubner: Violins (Solo), Dana Lyn: Violins, Jenifer Devore: Cellos, Orlando Le Fleming: String Bass. Produced & Mixed by D. Arthur Phader

Perilous Road


With the ongoing assault on free speech, it would seem that it's safer, and less of a hassle, to just go along to get along, not questioning the establishment's subversive attrition on our personal sovereignty. To remain silent, regarding issues that affect us on at large, is to be complicit. The democratic process absorbs genuine dissent, giving us the illusion that we have some say in legislation, where as, in actuality, our voices are generally muffled by the slow, tedious gag of bureaucracy: exhausting our intention toward any form of change. A consolidated media system renders democracy futile. The notion of democracy provides a weak solution on a small scale, becoming absurd and dangerous when applied to a national scale. Political correctness stifles our protestation: assigning false cause of grievance to language, as oppose to original intent.  Now with the increasing power of our new technocracy, we see censorship and consensus manipulation to a degree that we could lose any right, or impulse to speak, or even think for ourselves...



As the banking dynasties, along with the executive branches of our most powerful corporations, the various think tanks, such as the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers, The Council on Foreign Relations, the UN, EU, NSA, rule from the shadows: slowly goose stepping us toward globalist totalitarianism...With aspiration to encourage autonomous research, I thought I would sing a song that transmits some of my perceptions relating the corporate corruption of academic curriculum and media curation, big pharma's state sponsored weaponization of our medical services, as well as the state's appropriation and implementation of modern psychiatry: to enforce a collectivist mind set of conformity.


In theory, once a populous is informed that their military is being used to wage war on behalf of corporate venture instead of national guard: we would mostly refuse to sacrifice ourselves as mercenaries, in favor of protecting our borders...maybe that's just how I see it.


Live performance with Fionn O Lochlainn: Voice and Mandola, Mazz Swift: Voice and Violin (Solo), Alan Grubner: Violin, Orlando Le Fleming: String Bass.

You'll Be Here


I so rarely get to play a piano...here is a live performance from a show at California's Throckmorton Theater. As a musician, I am often in a state of yearning to see my loved ones, constantly traveling, or working, You'll Be Here is a song that transmits my gratitude and elation toward those closest to me.

Imaginary Song


A song about the sense of liberation that usually arises with unfettered, undeniable affection...some would describe it as a love song...A dream of being with someone that actually supports your very highest in aspiration and purpose... a voice from afar nurturing an absolute absence of indifference.


Fionn O Lochlainn: Voice, Mandola, Alan Grubner: Violin, Natalie Hass: Cello, George Mitchell: String Acoustic Bass. Sue-Ellen Stroum: Cinematography, Art Direction and General Awesomeness

Numbers At a Stream


Sitting beside a stream in Mill Valley, Northern California...joined by some friends, singing Numbers on a Screen...a song that's soon to be recorded with a group in a studio...here's an acoustic solo performance recording to ruminate upon until then...I thought an image of Edward Bernays would be most appropriate, given what it's about. Hear Speaking Numbers

Roll Me Round


When i wrote this song with my brother Oscar, I was challenged by a situation of obstruction, a stale mate. Asking a question is sometimes a way of appealing to someone's highest nature to gain resolution


Fionn O Lochlainn, voice and guitars

Nature's Solution


Live performance at Joe's Pub with Natalie Haas on cello, Brittany Haas and Alan Grubner on violins, Poster illustration by Sue-Ellen Stroum


A song from Spawn of the Beast, from the album's launch show...the first word of the song being the most essential...Establishment attempts to appropriate, misdirect and absorb environmental activism, using IPCC's asinine pseudo-science, don't wash with me. Grass roots is where it's at. Agenda 21 / 2030 is no joke or theory. It's a factual UN document, that gradually subverts us toward a global neo-Marxist socio-economic 'climate'; resembling a technocratic form of totalitarianism that Hitler, Sir Francis Galton, or Stalin would have had wet dreams about. There's a reason behind the fact our secret leaders have not just allowed, but encouraged the destruction of our environment in the last century. Corporate media, and academia promulgate an orthodox approach toward those that question their subversion; that is no different to how the church used the condemnatory notion of blaspheme to enforce their questionable theology. I am a musician, yet it seems sensible that there would be no room for orthodoxy, when it comes to actual science. The global alarming 'debate' resulting in another form of ideological division that fractures, and thwarts our unified social impulse toward causation, or affective solution...if the establishment really cared about our environment, we'd be hearing and doing much more about Fukushima, and other most serious, pressing, and immediate environmental predicaments



Eye's of Another


A song in innocence of our world's depravities...in celebration of intimacy and human resonance


Fionn O Lochlainn, Voice and Guitar

We Believe You


Post 9/11 the assault on our minds from corporate media was disturbing. A barrage of lies, fear porn and coercion... A sensationalized war mongering campaign, rallying a traumatized nation to rationalize themselves into an asinine war against 'terror'; only to realize, after the atrocious destruction of many innocent lives, that the devastated nation possessed no 'weapons of mass destruction'. Building 7 was not hit, yet it came crashing down. Their commission report; so woefully dubious, it was almost a blatant disclosure of government involvement. With demolition experts around the world claiming the buildings were demolished, explosive compounds found in the wreckage, and a vast array of circumstantial evidence, that would induce suspicion in even the most indolent intellectual; we are still sometimes accused of paranoia if we raise questions about it. I was on the east coast that day, I awoke to dust and embers blowing past our bedroom window. The establishment's media facade was a shameful and evil exploitation of our indignation and trauma...Project For a New American Century document illustrating nefarious suggestion as to the long term objectives behind the tragedy.


I wrote 'We Believe You' in a state of sadness and outrage at how vulnerable we were to propagandist conditioning. Most of us know better now, but there are still some that ingenuously accept the absurd establishment narrative. Some just don't wanna think about it. We have still yet to get answers...

Ghosts and Borders


Strange scenes at Truth Serum Studios...I refrained from releasing a live performance due to one pitchy word and a glitch in a camera...searching a hard drive years later, I found it. I also intended to write a bridge, and thought I would rerecord it. Circumstances were less congenial than expected, so for some reason, mainly obstructions of one sort or another,I never got round to it. I wrote GAB inspired, in  love, in a state of almost childlike abandon of any potential criticism or judgment. Just absolute affection...She never heard it. I sometimes wonder if she had, would she still be in my world...I essentially wrote it for a cat, sung it to a dog, sadly ignoring the pink elephant in the corner, that knew me better than the two other quadrupeds put together...'corners of my mouth' possibly would have got changed, something more lude may have been more fitting.

Imaginary Song Live at Rockwood Music Hall


Fionn O Lochlainn: Voice and Guitar with Alan Grubner on Violin


Kudos to Rockwood Music Hall, such a great venue...famous with regard to cultivating original artists from all around the States...Awesome memories of playing informal shows there, great sound and atmosphere...On many occasions I would improvise, or experiment with new material to unsuspecting folks, there just to see who's playing... much of Spawn of the Beast was either born or raised in that room...here's a recording from a late night performance with Groovener





Sally Gardens


Acoustic live performance at Truth Serum Studios...Mixed and mastered by D. Arthur Phader


After 9/11, I couldn't get a work permit in the States, due to bureaucratic delays and heightened 'security' protocol. I had shipped my studio and all my gear from Britain, and couldn't leave the USA to work. I found cash in hand work in the bars of Manhattan and around that city. Many nights of great music, with some really wonderful musicians...An amazing anthropological and cultural experience. SG is a sort of documentation of those sessions, where I'd get asked to play a song; the bar would hush, and I would get to sing...

Room Full of Mirrors


One of the greatest inspirations of my years, blasting a message of affection and social liberation...he's still with us...

Written by Jimi Hendrix Live performance recording at Truth Serum Studios...Fionn O Lochlainn: Voice and Mandola, Orlando le Fleming: Acoustic Upright Bass. Mixed and mastered by D. Arthur Phader

Résultant de'l Expérience Guitar Solo


Here is a section of Sue-Ellen's motion picture (full length version shall be available soon)...it streams at HD quality, so I suggest experiencing it with access to broad band or high speed wifi. Unless you have fiber optic super speed internet, please be prepared to allow at least a few minutes loading, in order to view it with no interuptions. Loud speakers and high volume is most appropriate.

More Than You'll Ever Know


Another live recording from a Rockwood Music Hall performance...With affection and gratitude to Andy Caine. Remembering when we used to relax in his back yard and play songs...At that point, I wouldn't even sing in the shower, I just played instruments... One day he said "Hey Fionn do you sing?" Ususally I was too shy to even consider the notion, but he slowly nurtured my impulse, and confidence to sing, by just asking me to sing a harmony here and there, then a verse or a chorus...within a year I was playing shows as a singer...I honestly don't think I would have ever started singing if Andy had not inspired and cultivated my intention and faculty to do so...



What we resist persists: a law of physics that seems clear as being most applicable to relationship and sociology. However, when confronted with a mendacious entity, someone with no conscience, that is prepared to exercise woeful dishonesty to secure an acutely selfish and malign agenda, what is one supposed to do? Sit back and say "ohm"? Allow them to destroy what you hold most dear? The monks of Tibet under siege from the Chinese? Or the Viet Cong!!! Examples in history show us a contrast in response and result that seem most relevant to these questions. Seeing personal relationship as a microcosm: how does an honest, relatively selfless, non violent pacifist defend oneself against such a psychopathic violator of truth and liberty? What is the causation of such immorality? Conditioning? How do we address that causation, instead of locking horns with symptomatic circumstance? Although acceptance and, or evasion are admirable and practical ways in most cases, when defending ones own, under attack or threat or enslavement, we see the very notion of those principles as impeding factors...Marshal arts teaches us ways to defend ourselves that question the dynamic of resistance in combat; notions that could be applied to many aspects of contention in relationship, from personal to national... I make no admission of violence, nor do I condone it. I am mostly inclined to rise above a situation of adversarial hostility, and yet, sometimes leaving a situation of offense to fate is just not an acceptable solution... Ghandi's non-resistant diffusion of tyrannical regime is an example, although not so instantly gratifying. Once a victory of truth and human spirit transpires, the next phase is maintenance of functional ideology to secure a continuation of ideals we fought, or strived to manifest.


Dedicated to the courage of Charlotte Iserbyt, the erudition of Stephanie Seneff, and the valor of Aaron Russo


Fionn O Lochlainn: Voice and guitars, Keith Carlock: Drums, Recorded at Truth Serum Studios, Mixed and Mastered by D. Arthur Phader


All rights reserved. O Lochlainn Music 2020.